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Dentist Practice goes above and beyond to source only credible dentists.

All practitioners are up to date with the latest trends and technology in dentistry  to give you the best treatments.

Our staff and dentists prioritize your comfort by being sensitive to your needs. We use laughing gas so each visit is effortless.

We can walk you through on how to submit claims, or submit them on your behalf.

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Kitchener Dentist

Services we offer:

Preventative Care

Some of our preventative measures include teeth cleaning and polishing, treating gums, fluoride treatment and plenty more!

Root Canals & Extractions

We safely perform root canals and tooth extractions.


Cosmetic Services

Ask us about veneers, whitening, invasalign, and color restoration!


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What Makes Us Exceptional

Not all teeth are equal. We individualize treatment depending on your lifestyle and overall health. After performing treatment we teach practical  oral hygeine methods to prevent against future dental health issues. 

All dentists sourced by Dentist Practice go above and beyond for each individual patient. Expect friendly faces whenever you’re dropping by.

By continuous training we are able to apply the latest trends in dentistry to achieve amazing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental it’s  is ensuring that your teeth and gums are cleaned regularly to prevent future dental issues. Practicing good oral hygiene like flossing and brushing after each meal ensures that plaque does not build up.

Floss every day (preferably in-between meals). Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Use a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen your teeth. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth.


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