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Here at Waterloo Dentist we specialize in the following categories

Some of our preventative measures include teeth cleaning and polishing, treating gums, fluoride treatment and plenty more!

We safely perform root canals and tooth extractions.

Ask us about veneers, whitening, invasalign, and color restoration!

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Dental Care

Dentist Practice connects you with the best dental clinics in Kitchener-Waterloo. All of our dentists are up-to-date with the latest advances in family and cosmetic dentistry.  Compassion is one of our motto’s which is why we are able to fulfill your families needs effortlessly. We specialize in cosmetic and family dentistry. When it comes to children, we understand how difficult going t the dentist can be. We allow child-friendly options when undergoing procedures such as laughing gas. Your Waterloo Dentist awaits.

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Our approach when handling your teeth is guiding you on preventative measures that will help your family avoid future dental issues. 

Periodic dental check-ups are essential to maintain teeth and gum health. Plaque build up can happen to those avid teeth cleaners who brush and floss daily. Plaque build up can turn into tartar which can be very difficult to remove without the assistance of a dentist.

Avoiding check-ups? Be weary of the potential consequences that could occur such as: eroding teeth, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Waterloo Dentist

Neglecting that check-up?

It Could be costly.

Your smile is one of your most valuable traits. It defines everything from your personality, to how others perceive you, and even your health. Despite this, most people tend to take their smile for granted – and also their teeth. According to orthodontic researchers the average person does not know that regular dental checkups, as often as six months between visits, are crucial in ensuring the longevity of your teeth and your smile. This article will go over why checkups are important for a variety of reasons and has tips on how to judge and critique and find a Waterloo Dentist. It is important recognize that taking care of your teeth in the long-term develops a steady habit of observing other aspects of your health. 

The first and primary reason dental checkups are important are so dentists can measure the health of your teeth. This is done through many ways; most commonly by assessing cavities, plaque buildup, any significant movement between teeth, tartar buildup, or any other forms of dirt that has accumulated between molars. Despite regular brushing and flossing, most people are still susceptible to the buildup, which can damage the long-term health of teeth, create untenable gaps, and even damage your roots. Cleaning appointments are a valuable part of dental checkups. While the cleaning itself is optional, checkups can help establish what issues your teeth may be having for you to consider either repairing or cleaning. If you have insurance, why wait for your teeth to rot? If you do not have insurance here’s a list of affordable clinics..

 The second reason, related to cleaning, is oral cancer detection. Oral cancer is curable; however, researchers found that the majority of people who avoid dental checkups do not opt for, ask for, or consult oral cancer detection. Instead, most consumers tend to focus on the first point: detecting movements within their teeth, stains, and any other extraneous issues. Oral cancer checkups are done on average once every few years. The older you get, the more often you should get your teeth checked for oral cancer. Especially if you have a history of smoking, drinking, or consuming things which damage the gums and teeth. 

 Another aspect of why dental checkups is important is to curb bad habits. Most consumers who visit a dentist usually expect the same form of information: that dentists tell you what to keep doing, which includes but is not limited to brushing and flossing. However, dentists can also determine issues with your diet based on the quality of your teeth. In fact, most dentists statistically recommend the following things for people to stop doing or do less: smoke, consume alcohol, consume foods or drinks that damage enamel, and use specific brushes or flossing tools. Checking bad habits provides a social benefit to consumers. On top of your dentist telling you what you should keep doing, sometimes it’s important for them to also tell you what to change.

 Here are some other reasons regular dental checkups are valuable for consumers as frequently as every four to six months:

  • Semi-annual x-ray checkups can assess the quality of your roots and whether they are damaged. This is integral to your teeth’s overall health.

  • Dental checkups are the number way of finding gum disease, especially regular checkups to ensure early detection.

  • Dentists don’t just check your teeth, but your jaw, neck, chin, and lymph nodes. Your teeth significantly impact all these parts of your body.

 Dentists are not solely concerned on your ability to make multiple visits. Their first and foremost concern is the integrity of your teeth. Therefore, having regular dental checkups within four to six months can not only remedy your teeth, but ensure that your smile can last equally as long as the rest of your health. When Dentist Practice connects you with the best Waterloo Dentist we complete a 50 point inspection. 



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